Lark (Seung-Lark) Lim, Ph.D. 
Principal Investigator 
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Missouri - Kansas City       
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Psychology - Emotion Science 

  • PI @ L.L.ANN (Lim Lab for Affective Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics) 
  • Ph.D.,  IndianaUniversity (2009) 
  • Research interests:  Neurobiological mechanisms of cognitive-affective interactions and value-based decision-making, and their implications for affective-behavioral dysregulation in normal and clinical populations (e.g., anxiety disorder, addiction, eating disorder, obesity). 
  • Computational, behavioral and functional neuroimaging techniques (fMRI and EEG)

PSYCH 507.    Advanced Cognitive Psychology: Cognition & Emotion 
PSYCH 516.    Advanced Graduate Statistics I   
PSYCH 517.    Advanced Graduate Statistics II: Multivariate Analysis
PSYCH 580.   Methods and Applications in Psychophysiology (co-teaching with Dr. Fillon and Dr. McDowd)
PSYCH 418.    Brain and Behavior 
PSYCH 407.    Cognitive Psychology 
PSYCH 316.    Quantitative Methods in Psychology 

Office (message): 816-235-1321
5030 Cherry St, Rm 355, Kansas City, MO 64110 

Graduate Students

  •  Carrie Baily 
  •  2019 Fall - present;  
  •  ACBS (Applied Cognitive Brain Sciences) program 
  •  Research Interest: Psychological and physiological processes in health decision-making

L.L.ANN plans to recruit new graduate students in 2021 Fall cycle. 
If you are interested in applying for the Ph.D program to work at L.L.ANN, please email Dr. Lim. 
Information about ACBS (Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences) program can be found on the department website.  

Undergraduate R.A. 
  • Hannah Green  (2020 Fall). 
If you are interested in joining L.L.ANN as an undergraduate research assistant, please contact Dr. Lim.
General requirements: Psychology Major, GPA > 3.0, PSY 210, PSY 316, PSY 302   

Former Lab Members

    Visiting Scholars 
    • Yun-Joo Kim, Ph.D. (2016-2017). Professor @ Hanyang Cyber University 
    Post-doctoral Scholars 
    • Kyung Mook Choi, Ph.D. (2015-2016). Research professor @ Korea University.  

    Graduate Students  
    • Norah Hass, Ph.D. (2013-2019, Clinical Program) Staff Psychologist @ Minneapolis VA  Hospital, Loop profile,  LinkedIn profile
    • David Scott, M.A. (2014-2019, Applied Cognitive and Brain Science Program).  
    • InJae Hwang, M.S. (2015-2018, Applied Cognitive and Brain Science Program).    

    Undergraduate R.A. 
    • James Meredith (2018 Fall). 
    • Quinton Anderson (2018 Fall). 
    • Yujung Oh (2013 Spring - 2016 Summer). Master program @ UMKC 
      • Molly Penrod (2014 Fall - 2016 Spring). Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program @  UMKC  
        • Nathan Keown (2016 Spring). 
        • Erik Schneider (2013 Spring - 2015 Summer).  
          • Trent Weston (2013 Spring - 2015 Summer). Master program @ UMKC 
            • Megan Maddox (2014 Spring).
            • Jarren Beck (2014 Spring).
            • Marvelous Amayo (2013 Spring - 2013  Fall). Federal government employee. 

            L.L.ANN Contact 
            5030 Cherry St, Rm 220, Kansas City, MO 64110